Information about the school

The name of our school is Phulbari English Medium K.G School. The school is from class nursery up to class standard  five.  This school was established in 1999. It is situated in a peaceful and charming environment of  a very small town named Phulbari in the district of Dinajpur under the division of Rangpur. This school starts her journey with only ten sweet children. 

Now about two hundred sweet children are reading in this school. All the teachers of this school are so loving, caring, hardworking and so devoted. They always  love the children so much  and teach them with love and great care. As a Principal, I always feel so proud of these teachers. These sweet children are being taught Bengali (our national subject). English, Math, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, History and drawing.   Every year, we hold sports-program and arrange picnic for the sweet children. 

Besides, sometimes, we give the sweet children chocolates, biscuits and sweets so that they attend their classes regularly. The children are always  learning with joy and happiness in our school. I always feel so happy and glad seeing the sweet children learn with joy and happiness. I wish to tell more that the children of our school take part in government-scholarship examination every year, and  obtain scholarship.  

This is how they bring a great reputation and fame for our school every year.  As a Principal, I always feel so proud of them. God always bless them.  But I feel so much disappointed and heartbroken to tell that our school has been  a victim to COVID-19. Please you all pray for our school and school children. Many thanks.


Our devoted teachers.

They teach the sweet children with love and great care. They are always very friendly with the children. I always feel so proud of them.

Mission and Vision

Our school is always working to eradicate illiteracy . So, our mission and vision is to make this school one of the best schools of this locality, to improve the standard of education more and more  and  to build up our children  as a good person and good citizen through proper education, so that after being grown up, they can come to a great use for the society, for  the country and over all  for  themselves in the future. I always wish to see our sweet children well-placed in life.