Principal’s message

The Principal’s message

It is a great pleasure to inform that I am Mukul Nandi, the Principal and Founder of Phulbari English Medium K.G School, Bangladesh. Opening a school website has become essential in the age of information technology of  21st  Century.  Today, I am so happy and glad to announce  that we have been able to open our school website in the age of information technology . Through this school website, we would be able to reach our school-activities to all of home and abroad and also inform all of what we are doing for our school and school children.  Sitting in their rooms, now, the sweet children would  learn about everything of their school through this website. I always hope this school website would play a very important role for all. In fine, I am  requesting all concerned with our school to always give preference to our school’s reputation and fame  . Many thanks. 

Mukul Nandi, 

Principal and Founder

Phulbari English Medium K.G School, Bangladesh.