Article about cat

There are many cute and sweet animals. The cat is one of them. It is of different colors. The cat  lives both indoor and outdoor. The cats which live indoor, are domestic and the cats which live outdoor, are stray or feral. The domestic cats always remain under a great care like a family-member, while the feral or stray cats remain hidden or are seen to move here and there and eat whatever they get,  but they sometimes  become ferocious . The cat has  two beautiful eyes, four legs, adorably tiny paws  with sharp claws and two perky ears which are so sensitive to sounds. It has a tiny and soft body covered with smooth fur and it has a furry tail as well. The cat has an adorable face with a tiny nose, a big mouth and a few whiskers under its nose. The cat has some features. It can climb a tree very fast with his sharp claws It is so playful when it is young. It likes to catch rats and sleep on soft place.  It  is so fond of milk and fishes. In fine , cats are always so lovable animals.

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