The Boy

Many many years ago,  there lived  a very poor and helpless boy named Razu in a hut of  a village  in Bangladesh.  He was ten years old. He lost  his parents when he was seven years old. From his early life, he had a great attachment to studies. He always wanted to read and go to school like other children, but owing to his poverty, he could not study. He worked here and there, and earned his livelihood. Once, in a house , he got a job of tending cows. He tent   the  cows in a big field everyday. There was a primary school in a corner of the same field. Everyday, he brought the cows into the field and sat in the shadow of a big banyan tree seeing the children go to school.  Releasing  the cows to  graze in the field, he sat and fixed his eyes only towards the school. The children-noises from the school always made Razu so happy and glad . After bringing the cows into  the field, he did not take  a good care of them. He did not keep his mind to where the cows went  grazing  in the field.  Seeing Razu careless of the cows, the owner very often rebuked him, but he never reacted to this. Razu always nursed a latent desire to study. This is how he brought the cows into the field everyday, and sat seeing the children going to school and hearing their noises from the school. One day, the children were chanting multiplication table in the class. Razu heard  this chanting sound, and this chanting sound attracted  him so much. Leaving  the cows behind,  Razu ran near the class room and began to peep into through the open window. He also began to chant multiplication table with the children of the class. The teacher found this very interesting, and was so much pleased with him. After class period, the teacher sent for him and learnt about him. Finding Razu so interested and so much attached to study, the teacher was so happy and pleased with Razu.  The next day, the teacher met the owner of the house where Razu worked and discussed about Razu with him. The teacher found a bright future inside Razu and wanted to take up the whole charge of Razu. The owner of Razu was so much pleased at this. The teacher took Razu off to his own house and began to look after him as  his own child. The teacher got Razu admitted into his school . Everyday, Razu began to go to school happily and study so attentively.  Razu was so sharp in talent and he could memorize all the lessons so easily and quickly. Surpassing all other children, he began to do good performance in the class, and cut good figure in all the class-examinations. He replied so perfectly to all the questions from his teachers and all the teachers of the school were so pleased with him and loved him so much. Razu also  respected so much  all the teachers of his school .  At last, Razu attended the final exam, and to the astonishment of all the teachers, he obtained first class in the examination , and brought a great fame and reputation for his school. For his success with merit in the final examination, he was rewarded by the government and he obtained monthly scholarship.  By dint of good result and merit, he got the opportunity of getting admitted into a reputed high school, and he  began to do the same good performance in the class and class-examinations of his high school. The teachers of his high school also began to praise him for his good performances and good results in the class-examinations. After completing the S.S.C ( School  Secondary Certificate ) and the H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate) examinations with merit and  a great reputation, he got the chance of being admitted into a reputed university for higher study. By dint of merit and talent, he completed also the university-education with a great success and reputation. Razu completed his education-life with a great success and reputation, and very soon, he was employed as a school inspector by the government. After having the post of school-inspector, he first visited the primary school where he had studied. He  met all his  dear and respected teachers with love, great honor and gratitude, and all the teachers felt so and so proud of him and prayed for his good health and on and on success in life ahead.

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